Valojusha is now officially available on

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Valojusha is now officially available on

Valojusha is now officially available on*

Valojusha is a leather production company found in 1996 which focuses on leather production. Our products are designed for energetic, compelling and matured women. With a selection of branded products such as purse & handbags, wallet, leather belts, travel bags, Valojusha has become a personal favourite for astute personalities. With successful management, Valojusha have won the reputation in the line of business and has become an international company with multi-series products. Now it has more than 100 chain stores in the USA, Russia, France and the Middle East and all around the world.


*HotDot is now the only official online retailer in South Africa to sell Valojusha’s full range of products at the best prices. Valojusha have put their trust in our hands with their products particularly because we give them great service and in knowing such supreme service will be extended to the end user. On our website you will find some of the following products and or as updated regularly:


  • Purse
  • Handbag
  • Wallet
  • Leather belt
  • Luggage bag


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