If You Can Buy a Wig Locally, Why Buy From China?

If You Can Buy a Wig Locally, Why Buy From China?

If you can buy a wig locally, why buy from China?”, said the MD, Vincent Dai of Hotdot.co.za.

In the recent years, the international e-commerce platforms such as Aliexpress, Wish and EBay have become popular in South Africa. These websites sell the products at attractive prices, on average 1/3 of the South African local market price. It sounds really good that lots of customers won't have second thoughts submitting bank and credit card credentials.

Does it really ends well? 95% of the customers will regret when they receive products they purchased from overseas. In extreme cases, some of them may never get their order; and why is that? 

"The only way to cut the price is to lower the quality of the product" said Mr Dai, MD of Hotdot.co.za. The cost of production for most of the products are quite transparent in China. Price Competition is often used by Chinese suppliers as survival mechanism. Therefore lower price cause lower quality. Eventually the buyers lose money and reputations. 

The other disadvantages of buying overseas are:

1. Delivery takes very long

2. The Products often get taxed, The dreaded customs' process makes getting the products in time even harder

3. Sometimes consignments get stolen between the seller and South Africa

Hotdot.co.za aims to provide high quality products at "overseas price" to its valuable customers. Hotdot also works close with The Gauteng Department of Social Development to make the wigs locally through the Youth who has been trained by Experts in the industry. 


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