Hotdot Means Business!

Hotdot Means Business!

We call on all entrepreneurial hairdressers who style and make wigs for living. You could be working from home or in your intimate hair salon and wants to grow your client base. Are you anxious about the high costs of marketing or growing your business? Do you have an idea of how to promote your business in a modern day where technology has taken over?

 hotdot give business opportunities to local hairdressers

Hotdot is the number one supplier of Brazilian Human Hair in South Africa. At Hotdot we pride ourselves for simplistic processes made easy for everyone and we bring you the opportunity to be independent and acquire more clientele by offering you promotional techniques. These are the know-hows to getting more customers for your business.


We want to help you spread the message that you can put together a wig and actually make different styles and how would people know if they never saw proof? We ask that you take a picture of every wig you make and post it to us and we will get this distributed on our internet platforms for free. If people like your wigs or your style, they contact you directly.

 hotdot is giving business opportunities to south african salon

You can buy hair from us at attractive prices in you buy in bulk, saving you money and making you more money. The simplest way to go about this we require that:


Step One: Register with Hotdot by sending us your basic contact details

(Business Name/Your names, Cell Numbers/Email Address)


Step Two: Send an after picture

(Ideally this will be the hair you bought from us)


Step Three: Once the above is received, Hotdot then promote your business using pictures

(Make then look WoW!)


Step Four: Once potential buyers like your wigs, they will contact you directly.


The more you share pictures of the wigs you’ve done, the more you grow demand.

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