Group Buying is coming... BETA V 1.0

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Group Buying is coming... BETA V 1.0

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Group buying, also known as collective buying, offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase.

Hotdot 's mission is to bring the newest fashion at most affordable price to South Africans. We should not let our valued costumer to pay higher price just because they don't have other choices. 

Now We have other choices for you! is bring you the most popular platform "Online Group Buying" to you. here is how it works. 

Hotdot will list the newest fashionable product online, The customer can purchase it at extremely low prices (up to 80% off the South Africa market value). Hotdot then will place the order in big number and deliver to your within 31 days(one month).

like it? Click here and have look now!  

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